The Fort River Watershed Association (FoRWA) is a Tributary affiliate of the Connecticut River Conservancy (CRC), a local non-profit organization advocating for the Connecticut River watershed since 1952. 

As a tributary of the Connecticut River, all that happens in the Fort River flows directly down river into the Connecticut. 

The work being done by the FoRWA to protect and preserve the Fort River watershed has great benefits for the health of the Connecticut River watershed – an irreplaceable resource that CRC is committed to protecting and preserving for generations to come. 

The working partnership between FoRWA and CRC makes us both more effective advocates and river caretakers.  Your support of this work makes us both better at doing what we love – taking care of our local rivers.

Interested in learning more about how CRC is working to protect and preserve the Connecticut River?  For more information on CRC’s work, please visit their website:

Looking for ways to make a difference from home for both the Fort and Connecticut River? Check out these resources from CRC on conserving water, exploring river resources remotely, and current opportunities to volunteer for cleaner healthier rivers. 

Photo credit: Barry Greenbie and Angela Chaffee